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  • Halloween Kills

    Halloween Kills

    I cannot express enough the heartache I have over this being delayed for a whole YEAR 😭💔 this was the only glimmer of hope in my 2020 and it was been shattered !!! 

    AND for blumhouse to release a teaser trailer just after announcing its delay?!?! ARE YOU MF’s FOR REAL ⁉️ 

    Annoyed. Disappointed. Bewildered. Bothered. Any frustrated or upset emotions I am feeling them all.

  • Remains


    I really need to pay for a PA to stop me before I convince myself to watch tripe such as this.

    Visually bland, narratively hollow and all-round woefully executed.

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  • Yummy



    A gnarly exercise in black satire and toe-curling gore; Yummy is a neat zombie treat with plenty of flavour.

    Performances are great, the gore is effectively impressive, and the comedy works best when there is an ironically nasty sting at the end of it. As a surprise to many, Yummy has brains, and plenty of it; dishing out some genuinely brilliant subversive moments that go against expectation and reliance, with an ending so fantastically brutal that is will surely divide…

  • The Hunt

    The Hunt


    Imagine a Twitter thread was made into a movie, this is The Hunt. What we have here is a film that functions on the confliction that exists in the real-world between liberals and conservatives, as they take chunks out of each other when discussing politics online, spilling blood on each side as opinions and views are torn to shit by the opposing party. What is depicted is literal death and carnage, which is representative of how the different identities and…