Letterboxd needs a question mark rating.

My brain refuses to process things that mess around with our linear perspective of time so large sections of this were just incomprehensible to me. It's not helped by an absolute dearth of well-paced exposition or explaining because apparently people complained about that in his previous films even tho that wasn't the problem ( Inception turns it into a goofy art), it was people thinking they were the goddamn smartest films evur. Despite being given some incredibly unwieldy dialogue, Pattinson manages to navigate the Nolan-ese and deliver a sexy, self-assured performance. Dude rocks.

Didn't take much out of this tbh, but unlike his last three films, I actually feel like this could grow on me. Not much of an emotional core but there's definitely something unique in this film's interpretation of time travel, it's just way too dense and hard to parse on a first watch. For people who enjoy puzzle box movies like Primer I think this will be a blast to figure out. Nolan's such a literal minded filmmaker that I have no doubt this "makes sense" but I felt like I needed fucking pens, paper and diagrams to decipher it lol.

P.S. Is Nolan's Marriage OK?

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