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  • Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
  • The Seventh Seal
  • Evil Dead II
  • Boogie Nights

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  • Bodies Bodies Bodies

  • Prey

  • Vengeance

  • Coherence

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  • Prey


    Had me worried at first with a bit of woodenness in the script and in a couple of the supporting performances. BUT, with the great use of camera, phenomenal hunting/action sequences, a wonderfully original concept, and a great lead character… arguably the best of this franchise since the original. A GREAT time, so so so much fun!

    That being said… okay, let’s leave the predator alone for awhile. “Alien” too, let’s just…. Yeah, let’s just leave that be- oh, “Terminator.” We can put a pause in that as well. Ya know what, let’s just get some new IP and call it a day. Yeah? Yeah.

  • Vengeance


    Beauty in the simplicity of filmmaking, but Novak went ham with this script, making one of my favorite things I’ve seen in a whiiiiiile. Loved the ideas explored from this story, being both impeccably smart and heartfelt at the same time. Was really taken by this, highly recommend!!!

Popular reviews

  • Anything's Possible

    Anything's Possible

    Hehe, “Daddy Bird….”

  • Men


    I really loved the first 2/3s of this, even getting past what felt like 30 mins worth of nature establishing shots. You’re two leads are giving stunning performances and the build up of tension, character, and normalized abnormalities is done brilliantly. Then the ending happened… and in someways I really liked the ending in terms of horror entertainment… on the other hand…

    Listen, one of my biggest pet peeves in a film (usually in arthouse film) is when I can…