Possessor ★★★★★

I took 3 edibles not knowing how potent they were and went to see Possessor Uncut. Went in pretty blind and didn’t know a lot about the movie other than things I had read (really violent/trippy). From the opening shot to the closing shot, this movie is an hour and 44 minutes of never ending intensity. 

As I sat there in the theater dangerously high, I realized my fists had been clenched for nearly 30 minutes. This is arguably the bleakest, eeriest, darkest, most violent movie I’ve ever seen. I can usually stomach violence pretty well but I found myself having to look away at times. The direction, score, cinematography, and production design were insane. They all shared the same DNA and the result was a mind blowing/gut wrenching cinematic experience. This movie is like Under The Skin mixed with children of men mixed with Annihilation mixed with Ex Machina. 

You know a movie has left an impression on you when you find yourself still haunted by the images you saw 3 days later.