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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

I never thought I would be able to watch this movie in its entirety, in one sitting, and I still am in shock that I did. Naive of me likely, but I tired to take notes throughout the film to best hold onto my memory of it. I feel that often long films and black and white films have a tendency to lack compartmentalization when I recall them, so this is my attempt to fix that (seeing as Sátántangó is longg and b&w). Having read Cloud Atlas and then being gravely disappointed by the movie, I have been waiting to see a film that succinctly weaves together different lives and story lines as a vehicle to not only propagate them, but to blend a universe so seamlessly uncanny to our own; where everyone is the main character of their own lives and have moments of grandeur when the stars "align". From this interconnected web Sátántangó weaves, to the poetic nature of the dialogue, to the lonely panning shots of a walk down many roads that left me awestruck, to the freeze frames, and to the innate life of this movie due to its length, it redefines what a movie can be and what a movie can make a viewer feel.

As I said I took alot of notes of overall plot points, my observations, my thoughts, as a reference for myself to try to best remember my experience of watching, Sátántangó (bc as much as I did love it, I don't plan on re-watching it again at least anytime soon haha), here they are:

beautifullll herd of cows,  
Some very 1917 esque~ panning shots of the farm
Cow choreography unlike any other
Window shot where the light petering in from the sunrise slowly allows the viewer to see the details within the room, as if you are waking up there
Camera seems like a spectator 
The man has nice arms 
Homemade bidet out of bucket 
Stillness of scene makes any slight movements stand out like the flies in the background, deliberate choice to not show woman’s mouth while discussing her nightmare 
Woman is having an affair with man with nice arms
The men are conspiring???
Is this man sleeping with the wife AND the husband ???
Lots of shots of the lace
The Kráners want to go north 
That pig do look like okja !!!
Watchman in a Chocolate factory and/or a porter in a girls dorm sound like solid career plans 
Some rain through the lace 
Some financial negotiations, Kráner’s got the other half 
Mrs.Schmidt hides a fat wad of cash in her bra 
Very interesting way to hold a conversation 
“You can’t run from the Irimiás”
A double cross 
Wife gets to goooo
Relentless rain 

camera moves with the wind as garbage and litter move like leaves through the street
*Was waiting for a scene like in Brazil, where De Niro is engulfed by all the swirling paper 
All white waiting room, the 2 bros on the bench 
Mirrored body language 
Both clocks show wrong times 
They were “summoned”
From total silence to the clambering of dozens of typewriters 
THEYRE Irimiás and Petrina!!
Haven’t looked for a job since being released 
Documentation of them breaking the law
“Order and freedom are linked by passion”
Stopping for a drink 
Yells at entire restaurant and scene freezes while panning up with humming music 
Threaten the restaurant 
Some more relentless rain walking 
Kelemen became a bus driver 
Mrs.Kráner has “nice tits”
Little guy filling the bros in 
Camera pans with road, POV of men walking 
Scene ends with the pans in which the movie began 
Arrive at the house 

binoculars spying on man with nice arms: Futaki
Binoculars surveying landscape
Dog eating, faucet running 
Husband has binoculars 
Husband journaling, Futaki is afraid of death
Pileee of cigarettes 
Shot of husband in office parallel to shot of wife discussing her nightmare 
Gots a lot of journals(?)
Watching from a window~
“Can’t someone get some nice hand lotion”-Anna Hanson 
Extremelyyy foggy lens
Some nice drinking and reading 
A good snooze 
Oh wait shit he’s the doctor !!!
Doctor gets a visit from Mrs. Kráner and gets very irritated 
The doctor looks like Harvey Weinstein 
The doc takes a piss
Doc took a HARD tumble, knocked over a shelf 
Is he dead?????
There is a rip in his cardigan and some Corduroy pants 
He lives !!! Pulls himself up onto nice bedspread 
“It seems I got pretty drunk”
Gives himself insulin (?) shot 
Back at the desk again 
Putting on a thick Sherlock-esque coat
Yet another walk in the rain 
Chilling in abandoned warehouse/farm building 
Eavesdropping from below 
Struggles up stairs to get to attic with ladies & smokes a cig 
Ladies think doc hasn’t got a lot of time left, he takes a cig for the road and leaves 
Back in the Hungarian “relentless” rain~~
Nope, wrong again, he Alive 
Lady needs doc and then runs away 
Basically dead but not dead yettt again 
Doc loaded up onto the back of a truck 

Man REFUSES to light a fire 
Artsy man sits alone in corner of restaurant pouring some water 
“A glass of wine would help”-it always does 
Some lightening 
Old wet sailor man walks in 
Irimiás and Petrina are reportedly getting drunk 
Unknown man looks veryy mad (and has a butt chin)
Scene is frozen now, pattern of everyone/everything being still after a public escalation 
Man on a tirade breaking everything 
Calming down, breathing, zooming in on his mole 
Sweeping the broken bottles 
Beautiful glassware with a couple flies shot 
Some bar talk 
Some uncomfortable cleaning of the fingernails with a knife 
Mrs.Schimdt arrives 
Dramatic zoom in on Mrs.Schimdt while there’s some arguing about shoes 

some exposed brick 
Duo (including petit man from earlier) go off into the barren field 
Dog comes toward camera 
POV of camera man shot of forest floor 
Buried the money in the forest 
Girl just sitting in chair 
Girl not allowed inside, continues to sit in chair 
She scales the walls of the building 
Enters into same attic doctor was in
The girl got a shawl and started petting a cute cat 
Starts singing the cat runs away 
The girl shakes the cat 😡😡
“When you’re dead I won’t feel sorry for you” girl to cat,,,, wtf
She put the cat in a net,,,,,,,,,
Girls goes out with shawl in the rain and gets to go inside 
SHE IS FORCE FEEDING THE CAT, someone save this cat !!!!!!!!!!
That girl is going to be a serial killer one day 
The cat isn’t moving :((
The cat died 
The buried money is gone 
Girl sprints away to Sanyi with dead cat 
Walks over the well lit house in the rain and sees old people party going on inside 
She’s taking a nap with the dead cat 

Some group money counting 
Lots of talk of Irimiás and Petrina
“Plodding, plodding, plodding, and plodding...”
The artsy guy is back !!!
Everything froze but now everyone stares at the viewer 
Psychopath girl’s mom has entered the restaurant 
Guy is voming by a pig
Shop owner helps poor drunk guy 
The drunk guy is Futaki !!!!!!!!!!!
Futaki is washing up & getting 2 cheese rolls 
Everyone is dancing !! :))
One man has a loaf of bread on his head which he lackadaisically pours some wine into a cup 
The dancing is turning into breaking bottles and some fighting
This dance scene is very long 
Creepy mustache man from back stops the party, never mind he wants to dance tango
Mrs.Schimdt is getting hit on ;)

Girl dies, body layed out 
Irimiás gave long speech 
Everyone donated $$
Commune commenced 
Man packing all his belongings

Hacking apart a dresser 
Now all traveling on road together that most have already traveled on alone 
Doctor didn’t come 
Stop to have a drink in the rain 
Making the pilgrimage with suitcases in the rain 
Slow pan on possible new home ?? Nice looking house 
Man with lantern is investigating the home 
The lantern light is all that is visible throughout the house 
Shot of foreboding door and than lady with lantern 
Pan across all faces looking up 
360 pan around Mrs.Schmidt 
Guy just standing in corner facing corner???
Mom secretly drinks water 
“We have to have trust until our last breathe”
There’s an owl on the balcony !!!
Longgg pan of everyone sleeping with their belongings 

group meeting
Some hillside screams fighting 
“Our time has come” “our time will never come”
Irimiás looking forlornly into the distance with a cute scarf on
He’s kneeling in the woods looking into a fog
The trio ventures into very expensive mansion territory 
Horses roaming in the streets, they have escaped slaughter
Meets mustache man with broken TV 
Mustache man takes some $$
The bros are all sleeping in one bed and reciting the our father as they fall asleep 

People taking turns standing on the balcony 
Fight over stolen money breaks out in the commune 
Irimiás comes in like a disappointed father and tries to squash the animosity in the room 
The people have given up hope and want their money back 
Irimiás is letting the doubtful go 
Now they wanna give the money back and be let back into the commune 
Everyone is riding in the snow, alluding to earlier in the movie when the wife warned about the rain eventually turning into snow (!!)
Wait no it’s pouring rain 
Only one windshield wiper is working and it’s a torrential downpour 
Assimilating into society, getting actual jobs~
“What did he think, that this was the promised land?”
The shot of Futika walking away reminded me of the shot of Chauncey walking away in Being There

The trio is back with a powerful rain walk 
Fade to black, clacking of typewriter 
Some military plotting ???
Who slices a pickle like that when it’s half in the jar?!?!?? Disgusting 
Typing up the roast of the century

Back to the doctor 😞
He doesn’t sound ok
“A cosmic economy”
Doctor goes on his lonely trek 
Walks up to bell tower that looks like it is straight out of LOTR
Doctor disillusioned about the origins of the bell, Futaki is ringing the bell (??)
Boarding up the windows

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