Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★★½

It think it's a really bold statement to make films that exceed 3 hours, knowing that the dedication required will push away a lot of viewers. With that being said, I have extremely high expectations for these films. If I do choose to commit to such a long story I expect it to be worth it. Love Exposure is an epic, energetic, absurd, hilarious and heartbreaking story that is most certainly worth the watch. After one of the most satisfying final sequences I've seen in a film, Love Exposure had me exhausted from it's scale and euphoric from it's presentation. So many thematic areas of interest and character traits are given room to develop and actually have an impact on the film and it's viewers. After covering such vast cinematics grounds, the film is contextualized with the simplest of sentiments; Love trumps all.

At points this film felt like it was made for me and at other moments I was forced out of my comfort zone. It's pacing, through invigorating editing and intrusive cinematography is a remarkable accomplishment that makes the entire film feel necessary and significant. Regardless of Love Exposure's absurdity I think this film is a monolithic example of the potential of 21st century cinema.

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