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  • Black Panther

    Black Panther


    Black Panther is a subversive addition to the Marvel Cinematic, one that profits on all the visual glamora and humor fans cam expecr while opening the doors to an astonishing politcal commentary on nationalism and racism. The story pits the titular hero in a battle against arguably the most nuances villain the MCU has to offer and builds up to a shockingly poignant climax that defies against the by-the-numbers formula. And Michael B. Jordan is partially to thank for bringing this villain to life as is Chadwick Boseman for his outstanding rendition of the title character. Black Panther is a must-see

  • Geostorm



    Geostorm is what I would describe as The Day After Tomorrow on crack. It is ludicrous, over-the-top disaster porn that takes itself way too seriously and results in tremendous amount of laughter, and all for the wrong reasons. It was directed by Dean Devlin who is frequent producer of Roland Emmerich's films, and the final product makes you believe Emmerich was shadow directing. Beyond the run-of-the-mill cliches, the disaster sequences including hundreds of people on the beach being frozen by…

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  • The Wrestler

    The Wrestler


    Darren Aronosfky's The Wrestler is a triumphant piece of work that grabs you simply does not let go. Mickey Rourke's performance in the lead role of Randy "The Ram" Robinson sets stone as the best performance of his career. Carrying exhilarating emotional gravitas, Rourke nails the role with intense precision. Marisa Tomei's also makes a wonderful example of an actress flexing her acting chops. The story as a whole is powerful and strikes at the heart in more ways than one, and there is never a moment where Aronofsky's lets his directorial talent go to waste. The Wrestler is cinematic gold.

  • Pi



    This psychological thriller marking Darren Aronofsky's directorial debut is an mind-bending exercise through surrealism that really works. Aronofsky's use his surrealistic style in which shows influence of David Lynch and uses to an electrifying advantage while lending a hand on enthralling themes of God and Judaism. The film crackles with suspense as it builds up a startling climax that places complex questions of religion, psychology, and the numeric theory while pummeling the audience with gripping thrills. And Aronofsky's makes the…