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  • The Breaking Point

    The Breaking Point


    Howard Hawks and all other Michael Curtiz films, (With the exception of Casablanca and Robin Hood.) can suck it. (Looking at you "To Have and Have Not" and "Mildred Pierce") This film is amazing. The characters have some strong dimensions, the third act is tremendous, the dialogue is crisp and pulpy, the plot is tight, and the film is an unappreciated noir classic. Thank you Criterion for popping out this gem again.

  • Violent Saturday

    Violent Saturday


    Pulpy noir is fun. Southwestern pulpy noir is even better. A southwestern pulpy noir starting Lee Marvin as a mean sonofabitch is always the best though. This screenplay is fascinating, tight, and complex all at once. Everyone gets their moment in the sun but again, Lee Marvin just astounds me and remains the most underrated actor of his generation. (Although he did actually win an Oscar, but still.) The third act is marvelous though and stands out as one of…

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  • Dunkirk



    A valiant effort Chrissy-boy. Dunkirk is an epic war drama that is surprisingly tight for a story of this scale following three characters whose paths intertwine. I can tell you with certainty that the two greatest performances come from Tom Hardy's determined aerial dogfighter, (Who's of course given the most to do.) and Mark Rylance's steadfast civilian volunteer. The film also masters suspense and knows how to throw a fun wrench in the plot. But in the end of the…

  • Prometheus



    I've already groaned on about Alien and Aliens a thousand times but I haven't talked about this puppy, mostly because I totally forget a lot of it. There's a crazy android, face huggers/snakes/whatevers. It's all standard Alien stuff trying to be. A bit more. I honestly wish we saw more from the "engineers" and different kinds of life they bred beyond the Xenomorphs. Prometheus is so preoccupied with being an Alien prequel it forgets to be its own thing which…