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  • The Transformers: The Movie

    The Transformers: The Movie


    Before the Red Wedding or any of Game of Thrones, there was "Transformers: The Movie". Neon, lasers, and neon lasers are everywhere along with new characters because screw the others you know and love. Also hands down, the most 80's soundtrack this side of "The Breakfast Club". If you have no Stan Bush in your workout mix, what are you doing?!

  • Brawl in Cell Block 99

    Brawl in Cell Block 99


    Entertaining enough but it definitely could've been cut down quite a bit. Vince Vaugh is good and the fight choreography is amazing. It's no Bome Tomahawk, but otherwise it's a suitable installment from a promising writer/director.

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  • Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049


    "You've never seen a miracle."

    The fact that this gem was even made is a miracle. Blade Runner 2049 is great. Maybe it doesn't merit an almost 3 hour runtime but it's still great. The performances are all solid as a rock but I wanna adress Sylvia Hoeks who I think played the best and most underutilized character, "Luv", which says a lot in a film of some terrific underutilized characters.

    I do have some complaints first. This film is…

  • Prometheus



    I've already groaned on about Alien and Aliens a thousand times but I haven't talked about this puppy, mostly because I totally forget a lot of it. There's a crazy android, face huggers/snakes/whatevers. It's all standard Alien stuff trying to be. A bit more. I honestly wish we saw more from the "engineers" and different kinds of life they bred beyond the Xenomorphs. Prometheus is so preoccupied with being an Alien prequel it forgets to be its own thing which…