Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★½

My entire audience really didn't seem to like this movie. Maybe I'll see it again and like it more, but Force Awakens is still better. There's opportunity for so much with the development of our main characters and their relationship, too bad we have to cut away to the galaxy's dumbest sub-plot every time stuff gets good. So many great things are talked about and done in this film yet rarely do they feel earned. I also don't think this film re-defines the franchise unless by "redefine" you mean make a film that barely progresses the plot or changes our characters if at all. The third act is so amazing though it's almost makes the film perfectly forgivable for all its sins. But then the greatest sin comes with a twist that some may find to be worth a hoot and hollar and I found to be cheap and so obvious from its first moment that was almost insulting and robbed the scene of any tension, power, or grip. The Last Jedi is beautifully shot for the most part and has some wonderful performances, but it's such a drag that earns little if any of the payoff it attempts to provide. But still, I'll probably see it again, like a kid opening the fridge hoping for something better.

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