Three Colors: Red

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This review may contain spoilers.

An immense achievement. The perfect capstone to a career full of films that, above all, explore empathy. I love the way that Kieślowski never made concessions for any of his characters. Here, what the judge does is truly contemptible, but the overwhelming humanism of the film allows him to ultimately be forgiven and to find peace. The way I've phrased that may sound hokey, but it's anything but in the film itself.

The quasi-mystical, almost religious ending strikes me as less contrived every time that I watch it, especially when taken in the context of Kieślowski's entire output (I'm thinking particularly of the Dekalog here). This could also be the most controlled of all of his films. All of the strange coincidences and the plot-lines that mirror each-other feel more natural here than in any of his others.

If I was someone who felt joy rather than dread about the prospect of making lists, this would be a top fifteen film for me.

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