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  • Halloween



    #Horrorctober Returns - 2018
    No. 2 of 20

    *Deutsche Version unten*

    Watched at Filmfest Hamburg with guest Jamie Lee Curtis.

    Before the screening Jamie Lee Curtis told us we will LOVE the movie.
    I know this ist just something you have to say when you’re involved but I really tried to love it.
    Turns out it is no love but I liked and enjoyed the movie.
    I was expecting a classic slasher movie with a little bit of a meta…

  • Climax



    *Deutsche Version unten*

    „A movie that is proud to be french“.
    A film like an acid trip!
    Dancers on the casting couch. Dancers dancing. Dancers partying. Dancers talking shit.
    Dancers going CRAZY!
    You also have to be prepared for: artful craftsmanship that also can get anoying (too much overhead). Intense and authentic acting. Awesome music.
    Must see in 2018!


    „Ein Film der Stolz ist französisch zu sein“.
    Ein Film wie ein LSD-Trip!
    Tänzer auf der Besetzungscoch. Tänzer…

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  • The Night Eats the World

    The Night Eats the World


    #Horrorctober Returns - 2018
    No. 8 of 20

    *Deutsche Version unten*

    „The Night Eats the World“ isn‘t necessarily a bad movie, I just think it would‘ve been better off as a short film. Every key scene and idea would‘ve fit in 15 minutes.
    So it‘s no surprise that the pacing is messed and the film is more or less boring.
    On the upside the zombies look cool (even though the „quiet zombie“ isn‘t something new) and some of the shoots…

  • Truth or Dare

    Truth or Dare


    #Horrorctober Returns - 2018
    No. 7 of 20

    *Deutsche Version unten*

    „Truth or Dare“ wants to be „Final Destination“ (which already isn‘t a masterpiece) but it‘s more like „The Final Destination“ (or even worse).

    The okish idea „what if ‚Truth or Dare‘ will go super hardcore?“ was executed in the most lazy and stupid way.
    For sure one of the worst Blumhouse movies.


    „Wahrheit oder Pflicht“ möchte „Final Destination 1“ sein (der auch schon kein Meisterwerk ist) ist aber…

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  • Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich

    Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich


    *Deutsche Version unten*

    It‘s the 12th (!) movie of the franchise and the first one I saw.
    I think you‘ll find some gimmicks and homages here when you‘re a fan of the series but it‘s no problem to watch „Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich“ unsullied.
    It is no surprise that this is a straight trash movie and everybody including the cast is aware of it.
    But it‘s the good kind of intentionally trash not the „Sharknado“-one.
    Fake blood, practical effects,…

  • Bad Samaritan

    Bad Samaritan


    *Deutsche Version unten*

    Was this a rerun of a 90s thriller that I missed back then?
    Seriously, when you see „Bad Samaritan“ as a homage to this time then it‘s fuckin‘ great!
    The story and course is as stupid as David Tennant is batshit crazy here.
    In 2018 you just can‘t pull of a character that is so absurd powerful, smart, rich and evil and has such a super generic background.
    But remember, it‘s a 90s homage so it‘s awesome!…