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This review may contain spoilers.

Toy Story 4 ends the absolute piss poor offerings from Pixar the past few years. Going into it I was expecting a b tier movie based on the trailer. But I was proven incredibly wrong. Immediately, the animation style is breathtaking, the surreal imagery that is created by the toys on the realistic-looking backgrounds creating memorable images that stick with you.

The new characters that have been added in are also fantastic especially being Ducky and Bunny. Even though sometimes they have some cringy dialogue, they are mostly highlight and have some of the funniest moments in the whole entire film. Forky is also a great new character that adds not only a lot of fun to the film but adds a new and different type of character into the film which helps to keep the cast of characters fresh.

But, most important of all is the ending. The beautiful score, fantastic facial expression animation, and incredible voice acting make for a climax that made me an absolute wreck in the cinema. It fully completes the character arcs of Woody and Buzz, with woody finally finding his purpose in the world. (Something he has been searching for since the beginning of the movie.) While Buzz finally learns to step up and become the person he was always meant to be. A toy.

All in all Toy Story 4 is an absolute triumph and is a must-watch. It blew me away with how fantastic it is. If you are going to only watch one film this year, Toy Story 4 one of the ones you need to watch.