Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

2019 Ranked

This movie is enjoyable and a dumb fun horror film as we watch a bunch of sorority girls be slaughtered by a mysterious frat killer and I give it props for trying to take this story and make something unique with the premise by adding a supernatural element to the slasher formula but the problem is its presented in such a stupid format and weak story. The characters and dialogue are so cliché its cringy worthy, and there is so much feminist man hate that is being shoved down our throats about how evil male fraternities are its gets quite annoying. The watered down kills didn’t help but they were still effective and often quite brutal and the twist at the end about the supernatural force giving the frat guys power in a statue and using sorority girls as sacrifices to gain that power was the most ridiculous twist I have ever seen in a horror film and it made me laugh. This film can be fun just don’t go in expecting much.

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