Cruella ★★★½

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“I am Cruella, born brilliant, born bad and a little bit mad.”

Anti hero origin films are becoming a weird trend in Hollywood, filmmakers are taking these villainess characters who are designed for evil, to be hated and showcasing front and centre designed with more emotional depth seeing them with both sides of good and evil so we can sympathise with them as the leads especially female villains as we see more strong female representation. 

Cruella De’vil and 101 Dalmatians is probably one of my favourite Disney films and villains and I feel Emma Stone did the character justice it seems hard to believe you can make a known animal killer a character to sympathise with but Stone displayed a nice mixture of quirky and fun bad dark side of Cruella while creating a more in depth look at her human and sweet side that you can route for as an antihero while Emma Thompson has fun playing a satire of an evil queen and dose a great job at making you hate her more. 

The plot around the characters was ok but a little bit of slow pacing focused on the world of fashion and design that lacked an intriguing element to justify why Cruella needed a solo film but there was some great fun in the feud between Cruella and the baroness and the dark backstory of betrayal to keep me invested in this tale.

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