Enemy of the State

Enemy of the State ★★★

I know this film was meant to be taken as a serious espionage thriller which makes it only more hilarious of a time that I found it so goofy which made the experience more fun tbh cause I’m not really that into this kind of action film. 

What made this film so goofy to me was how dated all the spy ware technology was and all the lame ways they would use this technology to hunt down and spy on will Smith. The cast is next cause I just can’t take Will Smith serious as the Marcho his personality only added to the charm of what made this feel goofy. We have Jack Black, Seth Green, Scott Cann, Jamie Kennedy playing the nerdy tech government spy team that was just to much dumb stoner casting to take seriously. 

One scene involved will Smith in a hotel room stripping down to get rid of spyware bugs in his cloths and an elderly Chinese woman thinking his a stripper and trying to give him dollar bills 😂 then he runs and fights the bad guys in a shower robe. All action thrillers need to be like this.

Will Smith was more mad the government stole his blender then was spying on his family.

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