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Watch a film known by its mind blowing script on a intellectual level.

“He found love in a hopeless place.”

My experience with Ex Machina was a lot more intriguing then Annihilation, the story was much more cleverly written with a consistent plot and well excited idea about Artificial Intelligence. I’ve seen Hollywood throw out quite a few ideas on this concept but this film has a much deeper look into the psyche of Artificial Intelligence and there mad scientist thirst for power.

The set up was simple nerd coder gets hired my scientist to test his latest AI, can she pass off as a human, would she fit into society, but the deeper we dive into the experience the more the intentions of this scientist become suspicious and paranoia sets in, is Caleb being tested as much as the AI was he brought he as part of a sick game. This film’s plot twists it fooled me a few times even before Caleb sliced into his wrist checking to see if he is made of flesh or metal I became paranoid that maybe he too was a robot playing twisted test as part of this experiment.

Caleb shows us he has more morals then Nathan, he sees pity in this imprisoned robot, he forms a friendship and a bond he realizes she deserves the right to live and be set free. He wants to help her, he loves her. Is this why Robots always turn evil and rise up against their makers because the people who create them lack morals and ethics?

The final act is wild and is a treat to build up to from the slower aspects of the story. We see a plot unfold, Ava outsmarts the humans she breaks feel and goes on a rampage of revenge, while Caleb becomes to one imprisoned, an undeserving fate in my opinion Ava is set free in the world whether her intensions be for good or bad is up to us to decided.

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