Possessor ★★★★

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Your body is suddenly possessed, you’ve lost all control over your actions and emotions, you try to fight it but the force is to strong and takes hold, it moulds itself in your image, you become numb all emotions and remorse are stripped away, your now lost in the dark ready to kill, ready to complete your mission you are now a puppet to a force you don’t understand, your possessed.

Brandon Cronenberg truly immerses the same unique style of his father’s brilliance abilities to tell a wild story through body horror and sexuality but still makes it his own vision of a terrifying sci-fi fueled nightmare but its just so great to see this style rebirthed for a new generation.
There was so much shocking imagery and plot twists in this film, especially that climax that left me shaken and disturbed but so enthralled in this experience. It was a sci fi thriller like nothing I have ever seen before, the cinematography, the body horror and score all blended together in such a wild experience.

This movie is terrifying.He wears her like a mask cause she played him like a puppet

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