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I would not have made it past the spiders, Id be out of that temple so fast

I was not sure how I would feel about this character or story as its not my normal affair of interest when it comes to movies which is probably why I never got round to watching it but this adventure Indiana jones takes its audience on is quite a fun journey. There is a lot of creepy and grim elements that had me hooked as a fan of the horror genre the opening in the temple and all the traps was a tense way to kick things off in terms of introducing us to this character and leaves you on the edge of your seat as we watch jones risk his life for treasure and fuck those spiders all over them that made me cringe more then the snakes. I thought the Nazi’s were an interesting choice for the main villains and helped darken the creepiness of the plot as there sinister nature was very uncomfortable willing to torture's people to get what they want the action sequences are enjoyable and there was a good chemistry between Jones and Marion I was not always fully engaged in some plot elements but the story was well executed enough with its fast paced action and romance plots to keep me invested in these characters but man that climax was amazing I didn’t expect it to get so creepy that was a bold way to end the movie having those ghost rise from the ark and melt off the villain's faces I cant see any other Jones film top that ending but this was great starting point in the continuation of this characters adventures.

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