Scream 3

Scream 3 ★★★★

Wes Craven Ranked

I don't care what anyone says this film is an awesome sequel.

Another fun satire on trilogies this time round. This story had a much lighter tone mostly casue it had a lot of comedic energy within the characters performances but it still had a good thrilling atmosphere and fun bloody death scenes. It would have been nice to give Sydney more screen time but I love Dewey and Gale and they stole the show with their quirky relationship they we’re enjoyable to watch and have such a great chemistry also Parker Posey is the best character in this film she made this a fun experience among the other Bland characters also not the best villain but I liked that they made this little twist with Maureen’s past it made this sequel feel more unique and that jay and silent bob cameo didn't fit into this movie but I still loved it.

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