• The War of the Worlds

    The War of the Worlds


    Great visual effects for it’s time, it’s nice to see a 50s sci fi get a big scale look with great sets and effects and doesn’t get the cheap b film treatment. I like the concept of the story about the world going to war with an alien race but I wish the narrative wasn’t so slow to get going. It had great scenes of chaos and destruction and alien attacks but I think a lot of the characters were…

  • The Faculty

    The Faculty


    I always thought the only alien in this high school was me.

    I’ll admit some of the CGI is dated looking but this is such a great 90s teen body snatchers narrative and a hood fun time. 

    Cleverly written characters by Kevin Williamson who knows how to craft such interesting and unique characters out of teen stereotypes who still hold up today as fan favourites and relatable and fun to follow through this experience and a good commentary on how…

  • The Invasion

    The Invasion

    An interesting take on the body snatchers concept that makes the invasion more of an alien flu like contagion epidemic, even an immunity to becoming an alien, which hits close to home in these days of covid and we get some solid performances and a few entertaining action scenes but overall this film is missing the fun factor of these alien take over narratives of the original, there’s no gory alien effects or pods, no alien shrieks, no gory or…

  • The Puppet Masters

    The Puppet Masters


    An interesting companion piece to the body snatchers the same concept but using parasites and more focused on the governments POV of taking them down, it lacks that same horror movie feel of body snatches there’s no sense of paranoia and tension it’s a basic action plot where aliens are here let’s take them down. 

    This doesn’t have the same smart narrative and has that cheap 90s sheen but it’s entertaining and fun, has good creature effects decent action and…

  • Body Snatchers

    Body Snatchers


    This was an interesting take on the body snatchers story but I feel mixed on weather it’s good or bad I think I just mostly land in the middle of the f it was entertaining but mostly just an ok story but no comparison to it’s procedures. 

    It just has this cheap TV movie feel from the score to the cinematography that a lot of 90s horror films had. And they set it in a military base but never really…

  • The Addiction

    The Addiction

    This film has a intriguing concept using vampirism as a commentary on drugs, war and religion and there’s a lot of wild gory moments like the finale party scene and you get a random bizarre performance from Christopher Walken but I just don’t vibe with the narrative of this. I was hoping maybe I’d see something I didn’t after my first watch but I still wasn’t able to get into the wild nature of this story.

  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers

    Invasion of the Body Snatchers


    Why do we always expect metal ships?

    This is the superior version of this story of body snatching aliens in this masterfully directed remake that has a brilliant stylish direction and well acted cast. It takes the important elements of the original story and makes it, it’s own more 70s gritty version. 

    The score, the camera work and editing all give the audience a great sense of paranoia and It has really great effects for its time showing the pods…

  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers

    Invasion of the Body Snatchers


    The 78 version will always be my favourite take on the story but this original has such great charm and fun going for it. It has that great sense of paranoia and tension throughout its plot, the story feels very well thought out even all the scenes with the alien pods and doubles has great style and it never tries to be a cheap b horror film. The plot is very unique in its way of telling an alien invasion…

  • Revenge of the Creature

    Revenge of the Creature

    The creature is a real playboy huh, he’s always chasing after girls. 

    This was very boring honestly this had a very forced studio sequel feel to it a lifeless script that lacked any charm the original had but it did have a few fun campy moments here and there.

  • Men


    What do you want from me? - Harper 
    You’re love. -James 

    This movie was so pretentiously bad filled with messages of religion (Eve and the forbidden fruit) and the sins of woman and toxic masculinity and probably more that I missed cause I kept fading out from boredom, all immersed into a bizarre psychological horror of jump scares and strange imagery that was confusing and boring. 

    The acting, score and cinematography all well done I can’t fault this on a…

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

    Creature from the Black Lagoon


    Underneath the water is a whole other world of life, one we are yet to truly understand.

    The 50’s is a decade of aliens and monsters explored through the horror genre, a time when we seemed most curious about other life that may exist in the dark. The creature from the black lagoon not quite sure if its human or fish, has a desire for the female lead but acts on animal instincts. This world beneath the water was explored…

  • The Blob

    The Blob


    Chew on that, slimeball

    Really love this movie it’s such a fun monster horror. Its such a good example of an 80s horror gem. It’s transitions the blob concept from the 50s to 80s style very well. It’s more gory and it has a tone of body horror, the characters are less innocent small town folk and more modernised teens and the female lead is no damsel in destress she becomes quite the bad ass at fighting the blob and…