• Senior Year

    Senior Year


    This was surprisingly more enjoyable and fun then I expected and I’m usually not a fan of Rebel Wilson’s comedy style but I enjoyed her in this role even though her jokes were hit and miss at times. This felt like a throwback to fun 90s teen films like she’s all that and never been kissed while poking fun at the woke generation of today. Good for a fun light watch and a few laughs.

  • The World's End

    The World's End


    I enjoyed this more on this rewatch then I remember not being as into it the first time. I enjoyed the satire on the sci fi genre particularly Invasion of the body snatchers and it’s continuing theme of small town conformity and corruption all creating the tension of paranoia about the dark secrets hidden in these perfect family towns that sci fi films of the 50s did well. Simon Pegg also did a good job at playing this narcissist who…

  • Hot Fuzz

    Hot Fuzz


    The next chapter in this trilogy was a satire on buddy cop action films and even though this is not a genre I’m super keen on I enjoyed this film and found it quite fun and felt it was an improvement on Shaun of the dead. I did feel it had a bit of a slow beginning but once it picked up the action was fun, the town of murderers was a good twist ending to the murder mystery and o even felt the jokes worked better for me and I like Pegg and Frost’s chemistry and banter s a buddy cop duo.

  • Shaun of the Dead

    Shaun of the Dead


    We’re coming to get you Barbara 

    It’s been a good 17 years since I last saw this and didn’t care much for it, upon this rewatch I did enjoy it more for the most part but I still just found it to be ok but nothing special. I’ll admit I didn’t help that I’m not really into Zombie films unless the plot dose something unique cause I find zombies boring and I didn’t find the zombie satire plot to be…

  • We Are Still Here

    We Are Still Here


    This has a pretty decent ghost/haunted house story and blends it well into a cult town B plot and it has a lot of intriguing ideas. The ghost effects look cool and creepy and I love how wild the ending gets with some really gory and well done deaths scenes. What let’s this down for me was how poor quality the experience felt mainly the the cinematography looked bad and the acting felt poor and made the feel really b grade trashy.

  • Firestarter



    One Day She'll Have The Power Of A Nuclear Explosion

    This may not have been the most ‘mind blowing’ take on a Stephen King horror about pyrokinesis but I thought it was entertaining and fun enough. Everyone did a hood job at there Roles and Ryan as Charlie Mcgee was solid, I thought Zac Efron would be cringe but he was good as a protective dad. 

    My biggest problem was I feel the final act was very rushed and way too…

  • The Barrens

    The Barrens

    I’m surprised how a movie set in the woods like one of the creepiest settings a horror movie can have that uses the Jersey Devil myth could be so dull and unscary. It tries to make this a psychological horror and plays with the concept of wether there is a monster in the woods or if the dad is just going crazy but it doesn’t work it makes this film so boring like just make it a monster movie l.

  • The Hills Have Eyes 2

    The Hills Have Eyes 2


    I don’t care what people say this is a perfect sequel to The Hills Have Eyes and runs circles around Cravens sequel maybe this was his attempt at a redemption sequel as he was part of the writing team. 

    I like that it brings a new set up of characters a military team that despite having all the training still get victimised by these mutant mountain men. Also the settings inside the mountain look cool and creepy. It’s got lots…

  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning


    This is a pretty good follow up to the remake that goes back to the origins of the Hewitt family and Leatherface. 

    This has a lot of hate but I had fun with it as much as I did with the first reboot it is a nice tense horror with good performance from this deranged family and stand out R Lee Ermey who is very terrifying in this role and steals the show from Leatherface. And man this is super…

  • Ripper: Letter from Hell

    Ripper: Letter from Hell

    The concept of a Jack the Ripper copycat set in modern times as a teen slasher whodunnit is a neat idea but this film was kinda bland for me, very 2000s direct to video aesthetic lots of weird edits and metal soundtrack. It wasn’t completely bad but it felt messy.

  • Tourist Trap

    Tourist Trap


    The Texas Chainsaw massacre meets house of wax is how they sold this and would later become the remake of house of wax. 

    This had a pretty good concept and ideas at the time it was pretty experimental to add supernatural elements into a slasher and I enjoyed its quirky nature and the creepy mannequins but this movie is let down by its bad b horror execution. All the deaths are very lackluster for a slasher, the acting is pretty…

  • Halloween


    I decided to go into this film this rewatch as if it was a stand alone Rob Zombie film and not related to the Halloween franchise and I do think this could have worked better as an original portrait of a serial killer but it does still have many of the same issues, the dialogue is terrible and it needs to be cut back to a much tighter 90 minute movie the story feels so disjointed like the first 40…