Tenet ★★★★

Nolan at his most pretentious.
I think everyone needs to calm down and just enjoy this movie like their supposed to.
I can see what everyone was talking about with the loud music, and the constant exposition, but I think your overall takeaways are totally wrong.
I walked into this theater knowing exactly what I wanted and what to expect, which was a crazy awesome soundtrack, and incredibly inventive action scenes. I didn't care that much about the character development and the writing. Obviously Nolan wasn't going for a heartwarming story here.
This is undoubtedly Nolan's most pretentious work, and if many Letterboxd users had gone into this with zero expectation bias, instead of obviously expecting Inception, this would be getting better reviews.
PS Couldn't really find the parts where the soundtrack totally drowned out the dialogue, pretty sure you all are just old.
PSS. It's crazy how similar the soundtrack is to Spitfire by Porter Robinson (particularly the opening and the break between the drops). I wonder if there's a copyright infringement lawsuit on the way. (probably not, Porter Robinson's not boutta sue Warner Bros, but if he did there might be a case but idk i aint a lawyer).

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