Enola Holmes ★★★

I was in a very weird state during the duration of this film, whether to like it, or to completely hate it. To be completely honest with you, I didn’t mind it at all, but it definitely has it’s problems. 

Millie. Bobby Brown undoubtedly rules the film, she owns every single scene, and gave quite a great performance. I also love her as an actress, I love that she’s doing stuff out of Stranger Things, and made quite the name for herself. 

The rest of the cast did a good job holding their performances together through the film especially Louis Partridge, who played Tewkesbury. I thought he did great with the scenes he had, and was a great side character.

But the problems I had were simple, the film itself was a little to long, I felt like it dragged at 1, or 2 scenes, and the going from talking to the story, then to us thing was used in some weird places during the film. 

But that stuff didn’t stop me from having fun with this film, and I honestly wouldn’t mind a sequel, imo, this is probably gonna be Netflix’s new hit, it’s receiving great reviews from the public, critics like it enough, so don’t be surprised if this turns into a trilogy or something. 

But overall, a very good film from Netflix, and I might have to watch it again soon. I enjoyed it enough to give it one. 

P.S.- the costumes are STUNNING-

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