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This review may contain spoilers.

I FINALLY WATCHED IT, and I don’t know if it was my lack of sleep, but The One and Only Ivan was actually a fantastic film. 

I was so focused on the story, and I was so emotionally attracted to this film, AND its characters, that I was getting quite emotional, quite a few time. 

Sure this film has it’s writing problems, but it sure does make up for it’s really Dramatic feel, despite a few very well thought jokes in the film. I actually found the film to be mostly a drama, I wasn’t smiling from all the fun as much as I thought I would. And the voice acting really gave this film that extra WOW factor.

I was actually able to tolerate Sam Rockwell in this film, cause we didn’t actually see his face, but I thought his voice work on Ivan was incredible. He really brought out the emotion, and depth to the character, and really gave a rock solid performance. He was able to make such an iconic character his own, but still keep to the Book, which I loved, cause the book is one of the best books I’ve ever read in my gosh damn life.

Angelina Jolie has made quite the good emotional value to this film, giving us the humble, soft character of Stella. Her speech before she died was actually very beautiful. I thought Jolie did a marvelous job with that scene, and so did Rockwell.

Danny DeVito... you just can’t go wrong with Danny DeVito. He just always brings the most beautiful comedic performances out there, and this time, it was as Bob. The stray Dog, who is the loyal, and trusted friend of Ivan. And while this film wasn’t pulling at my damn heartstrings, Danny DeVito comes in as Bob, and makes me laugh. He was just great.

The side character’s were very fun, and equally as emotional as the main. Ariana Greenblatt as Julia, and Bryan Cranston as Mack, were great on the Live Action side of things. And on the CGI side of the road, Phillipa Soo(❤️), Chaka Khan, Ron Funches, Helen Mirren, Brooklyn Prince. And Kevin Mathurin, made perfect voice actors for the rest of the Circus Gang.

And like I commented on some of your reviews of this film, I was scared to watch this, cause I didn't want them to ruin the book, cause y’all don’t know, but this is perhaps my favorite book of all time, and think it’s one of the best things ever. And I’m happy... very, VERY happy to report that they didn’t ruin the book. While I would’ve changed the way they showed somethings, they stayed truthful to the book, and the real story, and I was proud of Disney.

And I do have to say that the Visual Effects/CGI of the animals, were very impressive, and I will say that it should be nominated at the Oscars. They looked SO GOOD!!!!  The best looking was Ivan of course, I mean they all looked great, but Ivan stood out the most to me, cause of how good he looked on that screen. 

I’m not embarrassed to say that I would’ve loved to see this in Theaters, but I’m glad I got to watch it nonetheless, and get to see this very important book to me, come to life. I’m also not embarrassed to say that I cried, cause I did... SUE ME all you want, but that ending had my tear ducts done for life. 

Overall... as you can tell, I was very pleased with the outcome of this film, and was only disappointed in the writing, but the film itself was BEAUTIFUL, and emotional, and fun.

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