Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

oh my GOD feeling and hearing everyone tapping their feet in the cinema and having a good communal time we! love! to! have! fun! LILY JAMES!!! the consistent goofy camera transitions im obsessed!! LILY JAMES’ FLOPPY HAT!! the extravagant mirror choreo in one of us!! the sudden SLAP into dancing queen!! tanya has seemingly had the exact same bob and fringe for her ENTIRE life and honestly go off we love a brand!! THE STICK LADY!!!! the way that all the mums and grandmas and daughters around us felt Seen and the joy and emotion this brought them!!! amanda!!! ANGEL EYES!!!!!! the return of christine’s iconic high kicks!!! cher clinking her nails against her glass!! pierce brosnan’s fun terrible dad singing!! I LOVE 2 HAVE FUN AND I LOVE BOPS!! lily picking oranges in her orange skirt and doing cartwheels and staring at the goat!!! lily bouncing the orange off her elbow!! THE SUPER TROUPER SCENE!!!! and to conclude: CHRISTINE BARANSKI OSCAR WHEN!!

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