Us ★★★★½

A pure horror tightly woven by a modern genius. I didn’t think Peele could do better than Get Out but damn. Is it better? I need to rewatch but it might be. This isn’t some shitty modern horror film like IT which is wholly predictable with shitty unlikeable characters and no tension at all with bullshit jump scares. This is what modern horror should be. The characters are all likeable, the cinematography is tight, the writing is mostly on point, the editing is brisk, the score is perfectly tense, and the pacing is perfect. This film has zero jump scares because it’s much smarter than that. I had some gripes but overall, I loved this film and can’t wait to see it a few more times in the future. Try to stay in the dark for this one. Jordan Peele knows what the definition of horror is and he’s using it for good.

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