Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up ★★

this has solidified that adam mckay's style of filmmaking isn't for me. the two things that i enjoyed about it was seeing all of these actors in one film/(to see the return of jennifer lawrence), and the performances/the deranged and chaotic chemistry between cate blanchett and tyler perry during the interview scenes. but other than that, i found the whole thing to be slightly boring and very annoying, which i think is purely down to the writing. i understand he's trying to show that our society is fucked and that leaders are self obsessed and people only do things that benefit themselves first and that the majority of people only care if there's an outward threat to our planet rather than the hugely serious one that we have brought on ourselves within the planet, but we've already known all of this and have unfortunately been very aware of it over the past 5 years (even though this has always been how it's been) and i think that adam mckay presents these themes in a way that's like 'look what i've just discovered! you guys will never believe this.. i'm so woke wow!!'. like conservative science deniers, technology obsessed robot people with no way of functioning as humans, fame obsessed social climbers etc are not underground groups that no one has heard of. unfortunately they're everywhere, and i didn't need to be reminded of that in this form. some jokes were relatively funny, and it was a bit fun to be like 'oh that's obviously based on trump or elon musk or whoever', but it wasn't enough to make me enjoy it.
i kinda get why people like it and i get why people don't, and i don't know if my opinion would be different if this was done by a writer/director that i usually like the films of/if it was gone at from a different angle, but overall i think it's unnecessary, and maybe due to the hype that i built around it for myself, i'm pretty disappointed.

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