Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom ★★★★

this is acting at it's finest, viola davis yet again gives an incredible performance, her physicality and her facial expressions, where with her first look at someone, you already know who ma rainey is, and her delivery of the monologue about how she's only being used for her voice is stunning. one of/if not THE best actor working today

but chadwick boseman steals the show, his character has so many layers and he peels them back one by one, perfectly. his 2 monologues gave me chills, you can see the emotion pouring out of him, and you can tell he is feeling every word that is coming out of his mouth. he is a huge loss to the film community, and to community as a whole, and i really hope with this upcoming awards season that the narrative doesn't become that he's only get nominated/winning because of his death, which i fear it may, because his performance is truly beautiful, and deserves every ounce of recognition that is coming his way

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