Malcolm & Marie

Malcolm & Marie ★★½

this is wonderfully acted by both john david washington and zendaya, with zendaya proving herself as a great dramatic actress. i hope they get some recognition this year because they really nailed each emotion that they portrayed.
but on the whole, the tone was so confusing. each scene or monologue didn't really link, and i know the aim was to show how volatile love can be, but i think it crossed that line and just became an excuse for two great actors to shout at each other.
i also felt that sam levinson tried to make this too 'aesthetic'. like the use of the long candle lighter thing was just a bit like... why? i felt like it was just to have a cool shot of zendaya lighting a cigarette with a long candle lighter instead of a regular one. like i know people use those lighters but this felt like a 'ahh zendaya using a long lighter. twitter is gonna love this' decision. and john david washington kicking and punching the air was cool but also... why.... it just felt like he wanted to get some cool screenshots. am i being overdramatic getting triggered over a lighter. yes i think so. oops

if you wanna see great acting, this is a brilliant film to watch. i can completely understand why people would love this, and maybe it'll grow on me, but the story felt so disconnected. or maybe i need to experience intense love to really understand why it played out the way it did. we shall see

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