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This review may contain spoilers.

This is a great film of course but i'm not sure it's one of Tarantino's best.

I really enjoyed this film as I really enjoyed the screenplay, the story of the whole film was very enjoyable as almost a love letter to classic 60's Hollywood. The characters you were really able to connect to in this film as we follow Rick Dalton and his struggle to find work after finding success earlier in his career. We get to follow in his struggle as he begins to become irrelevant meaning we get to develop an emotional connection with him also. We also get to know his stunt double Cliff Booth who we again get to follow in what he does which is basically a constant number 2 with Rick where he does odd jobs such as being Rick's driver. We also get a little bit of mystery behind him as it is mentioned a couple of times in the film that he may have killed his wife. He also ties the whole story together with him being the one who meets a character by the name 'pussy' and from this we get to meet a few more characters who we will see later on in this film. Without this part of the film the ending simply wouldn't make sense which is why Cliff becomes such a vital part to the film as well as being a great character which is what makes Tarantino's work so great.

The film built up our relationship with the characters over the course of the film where we also met people like Sharon Tate who being a real life victim of the Manson family just as our two main characters were almost also. This is where the film all ties together again with some of the characters we met earlier at the hippie camp (who turned out to be part of the Manson family cult) reappeared again outside Rick Daltons house. After Rick shouts at them to leave or he'll call the cops they of course leave and are then parked at the bottom of the road that leads up to Rick and Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski's house. This part of the film I had the biggest issue with this is because I think the acting in this scene was certainly sub par especially to the Oscar nominated and even Oscar winning (with Brad Pitt) performances elsewhere in the film. Of course I can't expect the performances from these actors to be as good as such huge and experienced actors like Brad and Leo but for me the whole scene from them just kind of felt rather forced and I couldn't connect with the acting like I could with others from earlier in the film. This I think is the only issue I had with the film but in this scene one of the girls in the car suggested they should go and kill the people in the house and well... That's what they did. This was the scene depicting the Tarantino violence we had all been waiting for throughout the film. It really did not disappoint this scene where we also had a little bit of extra comedic relief with Cliff having just smoked an acid cigarette and was off his face on this drug. The cult people then proceeded to break into the house to obviously kill whoever was inside this being Cliff and Rick's italian wife whilst Rick was sitting in his pool outside oblivious to all that was going on inside. At first Cliff thought that they were just apart of his trip this was until he realised these were people he recognised from before. After all this the real violence takes place as one of the girls attacks Cliff which goes in varying degrees of success... Cliff fights one of them off himself and sets his dog on the others. This whole scene is highly exciting and highly violent just as we've come to expect from Tarantino. One of the girls the younger of the two I believe gets her face completely covered in her own blood at which point she goes a bit mad and goes in a screaming range and smashes through a window introducing Rick to the scene. Rick is obviously very surprised and after the girl falls into the pool Rick goes into his shed to pull out a fully functioning flame thrower. The flamethrower in question would've seemed very strange and out of place had it not been for this flamethrower being introduced to us at the very start of the film where we were shown it was a prop in one of Rick's previous films in which he uses it to cook a few Nazi's. Everything begins to come full circle as Rick just as he fried the Nazi's proceeds to cook this girl who was a screaming mess in his pool. This is possibly the most violent part other than maybe Cliff beating the ginger girls face against the corner of a table.

I think the acting performances were very strong from the vast majority of the cast creating a good entertaining watch with nothing feeling too forced other than the one scene I mentioned earlier. It may not be my favourite Tarantino film nor do I think it's the best however I do feel that it's still a very good film which is why I gave it 4 stars (equivalent to 8/10) it also saddens me slightly that this has the chance to be Tarantino's penultimate film with him saying himself that he will only do 10 films. I feel like his tenth can be very strong as all of his others are also but overall I still very much enjoyed this film.