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  • 12 Angry Men

    12 Angry Men


    I'm supposed to be filling the gaps in my watch list before film school next year and doing my Hooptober challenge but I keep watching 12 Angry Men. Please help, this is a problem

  • mother!





    That's the perfect word to describe this film. I could count the number of stable wideshots or even midshots present in this film on just one hand. The way this film is shot, breaks into the audience's personal bubble, intrudes their thoughts and pre-occupations, perfectly making them protagonize Jennifer Lawrence's character and empathize with her stress from the get go. What I find remarkable is that if this film wasn't shot with the spiralling, handheld tracking close-ups that…

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  • Drive




    Wow... Just wow. First i wanna apologize for reviewing this film 4 years after it came out because i have no idea why i kept this absolutely stunning piece of motion picture waiting for so long. Its not that often that i see a film i have zero problems with but Drive is honestly the definition of perfection. (opinion slightly changed for this statement)

    The directing in this film is off the charts accompanied by the excellent peformance of…

  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    Mad max: Fury Road is the definition of what 2015 needed. I had honestly lost all hope action movies and had grown to find the stereotypical action film boring but after seeing this film, I realized there is still hope for the genre. Mad Max: Fury Road drops the mic on every visual level. I don't know if anyone else does this but when I walk out of a good film I think to myself 'what Oscars could this…