All That Heaven Allows

All That Heaven Allows ★★★

MySpace Season 4: 6/21

Recommended by: Eve

She could definitely smell what the Rock was cooking.

Much like films such as Mr. Deeds Goes to Town and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, there are definitely aspects to appreciate about these films but the style of them just don't fully jive with me. I'm not saying I'm opposed to all older films, I just find that especially the big studio films of the early years of Hollywood tend to feel too cliche and sappy for my own taste.

This is a love story that I feel like I've seen a million times and each time the sequence of events are super predictable and have a bit of toll on my interest. I'm always waiting for the early sappy romance to end and the inevitable falling out until some grand thing happens; and the grand thing that happens isn't all that grand in this film and doesn't really redeem the previous events like some movies have accomplished.

However, this film isn't devoid of its own merits, its just the story is definitely not that strength. One thing that is worth noting is the film looks gorgeous. The colors and sets are immaculate in every scene and there are some shots that I believe would make great wallpapers and posters. To accompany that scenery is some angelic music that effortlessly gives the scenes more life without being too in your face. Sometimes music in a movie can be overbearing with having as much of a presence as there is in this film but "All That Heaven Allows" seems to defy that in many ways. A very impressive feat despite other factors not living up to that standard.

Also, fuck the kids, they are selfish assholes that took advantage of their mother's good will.