City of God

City of God ★★★★½

Film Club #21
Also recommended by: Joao Lourenco
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Really riveting stuff.
This story road the line between super intense and pretty bleak in such a smooth 2 hour runtime. 
I am happy to say that this film met the ridiculously high praise I was hearing from everyone, though I can’t say it exceeded my expectations, meeting them is no easy feat. 

The titular city that the film takes place in gets flesh out in such a vile and detailed manner that it almost felt like I had spent a day there. The film was also great at displaying how chaotic and crazy gang violence in Brazil really was for these characters. Easily the highlight of the film is Lil Z’s arc who made for a really intimidating antagonist.

As violent as it is brooding, City of God is a fantastically intense film that is well deserving its acclaim.

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