I Killed My Mother

I Killed My Mother ★★★★

Scavenger Hunt 54


Task: Watch a movie where the protagonist has a strong attachment to their mother figure.

One of the best film debuts I've seen from any director. I can't believe he was just 20 when he made this movie considering how mature and honest the subject material is. You can tell this was a very personal story that was important for him to get right. Amazing performances from both Dolan himself and Anne Dorval who both feel like a real dysfunctional family. It was heartbreaking how realistic the drama was, how both characters get set off by the littlest of things because of all the kept in anger and animosity they have for each other.
Really really good, I do think however this is just one step below Mommy.
The main reason is its presentation. Mommy has an amazing use of aspect ratio and music incorporation that really makes the movie so much more special while I Killed My Mother is presented in a more standard way with a little reincorporation. I believe this comes down to the fact that not only is this his first film but he is both directing and starring in it simultaneously. It is difficult to both direct and star in a movie and I think restricting his role in the movie allowed him to explore more creative ways of presenting his films and it works just a little better for me.

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