Southland Tales ½

Sardonicast Episode 41:

WARNING: I got a little heated writing this review and wrote some cursing, if that bothers you, stop reading it about halfway through.

The textbook definition of Pseudo-Intellectual.

After the success of Donnie Darko, it is clear that Richard Kelly wanted to establish his magnum opus that he will be remembered for.

Unfortunately, this in my eyes is a monumental failure. It is clear that Kelly had a lot of ideas that he wanted to put all into one movie, so many that he wrote three graphic novels to preface this movie and it starts at part four.

The movie somehow manages to get nothing right. The story is convoluted while being simultaneously stupid, the acting is all terrible, the special effects are laughable, and supposedly its also suppose to be comedic but I didn't laugh once; I just got angry because I felt like I was wasting my time.

Any political message in this movie was so painfully obvious and repetitive because for some reason the movie thinks it needs to hammer the point home over and over and over again.

I haven't been legitimately angered by a movie in quite some time, most bad movies I see I can laugh it off or just move on and not think about them, but because Richard Kelly insists that this movie is just "misunderstood" and "needs to be rewatched to understand", I can't help but be angry. I get your dumb movie, a fucking toddler could understand your shitty movie, get your head out of your ass you hack.

Although this movie on a critical level is better than Ben and Arthur, at least Ben and Arthur is really funny. This is without a doubt my least favorite movie I've watched for the podcast and I don't see anything surpassing it.

Fuck this movie.

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