Charlie Countryman

Charlie Countryman is a weird cerebral journey through the mind of a hopeless romantic. It has all of the qualities to succeed as a dreamy art house film but it's pretensions exceed it's quality ultimately leaving itself a dull film. This film reminds me of warm bodies-instead of having real substance it leaves it's emotional depth upon the trendy soundtracks intertwined. There is no plot to this film, it's a layered dream of sorts with each scene seemingly blended into each other. When I was watching, I asked myself am I supposed to feel something for these characters? The film never makes an effort to develop any kind of true relationship, it relies on the "fairy tale" romance that it implies. Now it isn't all bad, Shia LaBeouf did a very good job running around during most of the film, he tries hard but he doesn't succeed due to the painfully horrid writing. I suggest instead of watching this film, try watching the trailer because I enjoyed what the trailers implied; a good film