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  • Ibiza



    When the movie is focused on Jacobs, Robinson, and Bayer it's such a good time, as it goes further into its twisted shenanigans and tries to pay off the tensions it's built all the charm and momentum it's built comes to dwindling halt. There's also like 3 or 4 sequences of them in some sort of club that montage for like 3 minutes a piece, maybe that's the true essence of Espana captured on film, but it did not work at all.

  • Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India

    Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India


    It's doing its best work when it goes into its musical numbers--they are poignant, fun, and so well choreographed. There are too many sports movie cliches for me to fully enjoy it, but that doesn't mean that my wife and I weren't fist pumping and cheering along with every single over during that last 30 minutes.

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  • Arrival



    Uh oh, I found this to be pretty silly. It's the type of film that makes itself worse at some points in order to reveal a twist through which the beginning begins to make sense--the twist is good (though its consequences aren't explored) but it's not that good.

    Beyond this, the film isn't well written; besides the leads, every other character is completely hollow. It has a well-meaning message, one that many are fawning over in our post-election days, but to me it felt completely contrived, jumping through logical hurdles until the world comes together for one giant hug.

  • Chi-Raq



    An ambitious project that is simultaneously a Greek comedy adaptation, a satire, a commentary on modern society and a pop cultural grab bag, Spike Lee's latest mostly works marvelously. When it does miss though, it misses hard, luckily that's not too often. An A for effort and a B for execution.