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  • The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special

    The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special


    I’m just don’t think I’m a fan of where Disney is going with Star Wars

  • Dr. No

    Dr. No


    Competently made but definitely aged, Dr No does the absolute minimum it had to do in setting up James Bond as a character. While the edges are certainly rough, refinement is not too far away.

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  • Tenet



    Nolan crafts his first failure with Tenet, a meandering, overblown and self-indulgent spy thriller that feels like a poor imitation of Nolan, rather than Nolan himself. Weak dialogue, awful sound mixing and, rather surprisingly, poor directing, Tenet lacks the impact of previous Nolan films, resulting in you wishing time would just run out.

  • Emma.



    Infectiously funny, hopelessly romantic and wickedly entertaining, Emma features what should be a star making performance from Anya Taylor-Joy. The screenplay is a fantastic adaptation, managing to keep the feel of Jane Austin’s original novel while also updating it with a modern feel but the strength of the film lies in the way it balances the tone, having you laugh hysterically and feel overwhelming sadness in the same scene without missing a beat. An excellent film that needs to experienced with a crowd.