Stalker ★★★★★

Andrei Tarkovsky is slowly ranking up to be one of my favorite directors. His craft and pure elegance is something to be proud of and his structural and visual tendencies are very strong. Nowhere is it less evident than with Stalker.

Like my friend The Master once said, Stalker is a very similar blend to the surrealism and landscape aesthetic of Hiroshima mon Amour and Taste of Cherry. Stalker takes those two films that I absolutely loved and takes them to a much farther extreme, making it absolutely beautiful. The film is absolutely ethereal in its cinematography and surrealism. And the color scheme is absolutely riveting whenever it switches every few times, because despite its bland sepia/grey mood, it fits so well because it's all in one giant mind. I also just love movies about the human mind.

It's exhausting to watch, but it's absolutely worth it.

One of the best movies out there.

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