Us ★★★

When rewatching this (which I did on the plane to Halloween Horror Nights since there is an “Us” haunted house there 😁) I found myself in the first hour of it or so wondering why I only gave it a 7, because I was legitimately finding it great for the first hour, catching onto things I didn’t quite pick up the first time. Then, the last 40 minutes went completely off the rails for me and became really stupid and made 0 sense (with the exception of that one dance fight scene, and maybe one or two other scenes) but I think it really hurt the movie this time watching it, as I found the first hour so great, so the mediocre and sometimes laughable back half of the way drags it down. Jordan Peele definitely improved his directing and style with this movie in comparison to “Get Out” but that one still stands high above this one, as I think “Get Out” is a fantastic movie all around. Performances are great, technically is great, music is especially great, it’s just the story and execution of the movie that really drags it down at points due to it making no sense even in the universe of this movie. Still though, it’s a fine watch, but I don’t see myself watching this again too soon I’m the future.

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