The Last Duel

The Last Duel ★★★★

The Last Duel reached my high expectations bringing the drama, stakes and grand conclusion I was hoping for. We don't get nearly enough films like this not just with it being a medieval epic but a story that takes a dive into the psychology of the main players no matter how unsympathetic they are. I totally get that Rashomon did this structure before but it's used so well here to set the backdrop to why these guys are duking it out to the death. The duel itself is spectacular in its own right but the build-up is what makes this work so well. The acting from all the main players is what really gives this story it's strength especially Jodie Comer finally getting to be in a film where she can show her dramatic range. The direction throughout is also some of Ridley Scott's best alongside everything else too this is one of his top films and his best in over 30 years. Overall quite the watch but worth seeing for sure, it's such a shame this flopped at the box office but we can still support this thing by streaming it and getting it in our physical media collections. Filmmaking like this can't die out.

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