• The Place Beyond the Pines

    The Place Beyond the Pines


    The Place Beyond the Pines manages to develop multiple characters and subvert the expectations of protagonist in a really creative way. Each act is so distinct yet it all flows quite well with the finale feeling fitting but also not where I'd expected this would have gone at the start. The variation in pacing in the different acts also succeeds in making them all feel unique and gives time for the unexpected changes within them (to avoid saying spoilers) to…

  • Lightyear



    Lightyear is unnecessary but fun and makes sense as the film Andy watched in 1995 that made him get the Buzz Lightyear toy. It's pretty ordinary but there's some (without spoiling stuff) time related shenanigans in the plot that work really well. Chris Evan does good although maybe they should have stuck with Tim Allen considering you'd have thought the voice of the toy promoting the in universe movie would have the same voice directly lifting quotes from said movie. Anyway it's enjoyable but far from top tier Pixar not an essential watch but a fine time at the cinema.

  • Chappaquiddick



    A lot to like in this film but it only has a major effect of you're invested in the history of it. Definitely good but kind of plain where it reminds you of a lot of other similar films.

  • Bergman Island

    Bergman Island


    I hoped I'd like Bergman Island more than I did and it's definitely one that will grow on me I just wasn't really that connected to the plot. I get that it's more about the characters and there's some great reflections on the creative process that really make me tempted to up the star rating but 3 stars for now. A lot of good throughout and maybe it's the Bergman connections holding this back for me, not that I didn't like them but I really should have watch some of his films before seeing this.

  • Jurassic World Dominion

    Jurassic World Dominion


    Going in with low expectations probably helped this film a lot. It was exactly what you'd expect completely fine but generic some good dino action here and there but absolutely not unique. Usually I'm harsher on formulaic films but some of the moments in this one with the original Jurassic Park cast are quite entertaining. There's something about these Jurassic World films that works even if they're very standard I still really enjoy the first one and I don't really know why probably nostalgia.

  • Yesterday



    Yesterday's premise could have offered a lot more but what we get is still an enjoyable easy watch that really could have done with being less of a rom-com and more of a what if type film. There's a lot of fun scenes that show what this could have been at full potential and others that either rely too much on the romance plot or are a bit obnoxious like the constant Ed Sheeran barrage. I liked this more on…

  • Drag Me to Hell

    Drag Me to Hell


    Sam Raimi does his gun horror stuff here but not quite to the extent I hoped for. It's well made and that ending scene is brilliant I just wish the film was more like that and commited to being as exaggerated and over the top like that scene does. Less time developing the blank slate protagonist would benefit this although I like how the film subtly undermines her and makes her deliberately unlikable despite being the protagonist as the film goes on. Overall good but not much you've not already seen.

  • Benediction



    I've not got much to say about this one, the story is somewhat interesting but I couldn't get invested in the characters. I think the protagonist was bland and a bit pretentious which didn't help with getting into the vibe. The story goes where you wouldn't expect which is good but at the same time by the end of the film it felt too different from the outset.

  • Men



    To start, this film has sparked up the dreadful elevated horror debate once again that gets people discounting and devaluing groups of films just because they prefer the other group; I could rant about this all day but onto the film Men itself otherwise I'd spend the whole review defending it from elevated horror stereotypes.

    Alex Garland continues to deliver exactly what you'd hope for, symbolism, rewatch value and always an ending to leave you thinking. There's some great chilling…

  • Get Carter

    Get Carter


    Michael Caine starred in many a crime film in his heyday many of them establishing genre tropes and inspiring many; this one does that and more standing out as his best. There's an unapologetic meanness to Get Carter that gives it a unique feel and sells it more gritty and realism inspired elements as opposed to clichés and exaggeration. There's also some great questions around morality as it's an opportunity for the film to subtly undermine it's antihero protagonist and…

  • Top Gun: Maverick

    Top Gun: Maverick


    Considering my distaste for the first Top Gun film and the cliche trailer I kept seeing of this I went in with low expectations despite the great reviews. While this is certainly better than the original it works on pretty much every basic level but is far from being something to rave about. There's still some features of the original that bring this down a bit such as an underdeveloped romance plot, obnoxious music usage and tropes all over the…

  • RoboCop



    The 80s has a ridiculous amount of action films considered classics mainly for creating genre staples that now feel tiresome thus making the films feel less special. RoboCop has managed to set itself apart and feel much less generic than a lot of other films from its time with a mix of fun action, satire and dark humour that make this one feel like less of an obligatory this influenced this kind of deal and one where the film remains…