An American Pickle ★★★½

This film has a weird premise, it’s batshit insane and sorta hilarious, yet the film has a lot of heart and sincerity which needs to rewarded. Seth Rogan, once again, proves he’s genuinely a great actor. In this he plays duel roles (one is a 21st century, app building hipster from New York, and the other is a heavily religious pickle cleaner from the year 1919). It feels pretentious to say “Rogan got lost in his role, oh giddy!” But I do genuinely believe him as the Pickle man was a great performance. I forgot that was Seth Rogan after the first like thirty seconds of the film. He’s playing against type, it’s not a very in your face role (even though the character is a pretty funny person), and he excels. Love Seth, he’s so great.

Also, the cinematography is pretty solid, leaning on good. It looks a lot better than most comedies you get these days. I legit can’t stand the grey/flat, cheap looking aesthetic that you get with most comedies and movies these days, it’s a pet peeve of mine. It seems like this film actually put some effort into the way this movie was shot, so thank God. I was reading up on the director of this (it’s his directional debut btw, so that’s neat) and he was a cinematographer before he did this, so that probably answers why this movie is just so darn pretty.

I dunno, I liked this, defo recommend.