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  • Unforgiven



    One of the all time greats, Clint’s elegiac benchmark for the Western genre is rife with symbolism, metaphor and fantastic performances. 
    William Munny is a terrific creation, a man forced into all the things he’s given up, becoming a legend that had previously been undermined by Gene Hackman’s Little Bill. The use of the writer, Beauchamp, and his investigations into the Old West elevate this into one of the finest Westerns. 
    And the final sequence of Munny entering the saloon…

  • King Kong

    King Kong


    A tough one to rate. 
    It’s stop motion and effects work is pioneering and no doubt mind blowing to the audiences of 1933. The story is strong and contains iconic scenes and scenery. 
    And yet. 
    It’s very problematic. White Americans sail to a distant, undiscovered land. They find hostile tribesman and then take a native of the island captive, transport it back to America, and use the chained up native for white financial gain. After breaking free of the chains,…

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  • Ford v Ferrari

    Ford v Ferrari


    What’s my favourite film of 2019 and why is it Le Mans 66?

  • Gladiator



    Rather curiously I thought that Gladiator actually has a four act structure:
    Act I - Maximus’ journey from general to slave 
    Act II - becoming a Gladiator 
    Act III - arriving in Rome 
    Act IV - the attempted coup and final fight 
    It still all comes together nicely and Crowe and Phoenix are fantastic. Every scene in the arena is a gem.