I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★

Imagine someone doing a pretty decent Scorsese impersonation (though A LOT better than David O. Russell) decided to direct the two hour AMERICAN CRIME STORY iteration of Tonya Harding, and you’re pretty close to getting there. Funny, but brutal in its depiction of Harding’s constant abuse at the hands of nearly everyone (including the American Public) she thought loved her, and really leans into the trashiness of its subject. There’s almost zero subtlety here, but it’s kind of all the better for it, and the dynamically shot skating scenes are just amazing to behold, full of wild Steadicam work I wasn’t quite expecting. Robbie is superb, but Allison Janney walks away with the movie as Tonya’s blunt, borderline sadistic mother.