Phantom of the Paradise

Phantom of the Paradise ★★★★★

“Swan. He has no other name. His past is a mystery, but his work is already a legend. He wrote and produced his first gold record at fourteen. In the years since then, he has won so many others that he once tried to deposit them in Fort Knox. He brought the blue to Britain. He brought Liverpool to America. He brought folk and rock together. His band, The Juicy Fruits, single-handedly gave birth of the nostalgia wave of the ’70s. Now, he’s looking for the new sound of the spheres to inaugurate his own Xanadu, his own Disneyland; The Paradise — the Ultimate Rock Palace. This film is the story of that search; of that sound. Of the man who made it, the girl who sang it…and the monster who stole it.”

Still my favorite film of all time. Remains as blisteringly relevant 42 years after it was made, if not more so in the age of corporate "cinematic universes" and auto-tuned pop stars scoring your trip to Target. A careening bullet of musical subversion that captures the feeling of riding on an elevator and hearing a muzak version of The Beatles' "All You Need is Love". Yet its most endearing quality is that nothing has ever been made that's quite like it, before or since. De Palma is a genius.

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