Prey ★★★★

Cleans the franchise up after the over busy clunkiness of Shane Black’s entry by reducing the logline (and, in turn, the iconic alien beast) to its pro wrestler essence. “Predator vs. Commando” transformed into “Predator vs. Lethal Weapon” before “Predator Battle Royale”. Now, it’s “Predator vs. Native Warrior”, stripping all pretension away and barely leaving room for anything beyond one properly choreographed and thrillingly gnarly set piece after another, arrows and tomahawks flying and drawing green blood as the ultimate hunter takes his own scalps. There’s a theory that you can use these movies to take the pulse of where action filmmaking currently sits since ‘87, and this one feels fit for the post JOHN WICK era: precise, well photographed chaos that’s more than a little show-offy. What a pleasant surprise.

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