Patty Hearst

Patty Hearst ★★★★

Gorgeous cinematically especially early on. That kidnap scene is excellent. Music works so well and straight in to the opening credits. Then the way they do it all her point of view. Some fantastic use of lighting and editing to make that work. Although it does come at a bit of a cost. Everythings so stylised to the point it comes cartoonish. The over the top performances kind of add to that. So it does belittle the movement to some degree. However can you really take this seriously?

In spite of it almost mocking the left (and right too) I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it in an almost John Waters way. The difference being though John Waters sets out from the start to be trashy. Does this set out to be trashy or is it wanting to say things? I dunno and it be difficult to go off Schraders past record. He normally blends it all better though. Godard did a really good job with La chinoise when it came to his gang of revolutionaries. He's pulled it off well a few times. Somehow walks the line well of making them fun enough for the screen whilst still not being too silly and losing the theory.

Paul's definitely handled political cinema better with Blue Collar. This is more like him doing American Gigolo doing Blue Collar if that makes sense? The result are quite amusing. Hard for me not to like it even though its absolutely ridiculous. This isn't Soderberg's Che. This isn't Richet's Mesrine. This is something else entirely hahaha. One of the most bizarre movies about revolutionaries I've ever seen. Quotes like when they steal someone's car, "Did you see that? The way he just handed over his keys. I feel it. The people are with us". You can't not laugh at that hahaha. Just when you think it couldn't get any funnier there's those factual lines you get at the end of the movie where it reveals what happened to these people. Keep an eye out for the very last one.

Wouldn't even bother reading any reviews for this you'll just get some pure nonsense probably from both left wing and right wing people. Find it funny how they look deep into why she turned and joined these people. Can it not be just because it's the right thing to do? Simple. Question answered.

At the end of the day, it's a really funny Point Break type movie. Ok the politics can be sloppily handled but it's a fun heist film. Take it the way you take Inglorious Basterds or something. Im sorry, I for one, just found it hilarious hearing Ving Rhames screaming Marxism down her throat and William Forsythe (low key one of my favourite actors, I laughed pretty much every scene he was in here) desperately wanting to be black. The blackface finished me. Critical support of blackface due to being jealous of black revolutionaries hahahaa. I think some of Paul's movies you're like OH MY GOD PAUL and others you're just like OH PAUL. This is definitely an OH PAUL movie.