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  • Inception




    I knew that my 100th review since joining Letterboxd had to be a good one. I hoped that it would be an amazing movie, a film that took my breath away and still hasn't returned it over a week later. And I found that in Inception. This is how you take a complicated and amazing story and make it work. Christopher Nolan is a legitimate genius and I am unbelievably impressed by his body of work. I think I…

  • Arrival




    There is a lot to like about this movie and I completely understand why so many people love this film. The story is fascinating and that alone made me like this film. However, I had a major problem with the pacing of this film. At times it felt like this was so slow that it took me out of the movie. Otherwise I think this movie would have been a full star higher. The pacing was not good at…

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  • Jaws




    I absolutely loved this film! I want to keep this review short because I am sick today, but I throughly enjoyed this film. This is Spielberg's best movie that I have seen and keeping the shark off screen for so long was genius. The acting was great and the score was phenomenal and helped build the suspense. Overall, this is deserving of all the praise it gets and is another example of Spielberg's consistency with his films.

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  • Shutter Island

    Shutter Island



    I absolutely loved this film. It's not perfect, but I just was so fascinated and intrigued by the story, the direction, and the acting that I couldn't make myself give it 4 and a half stars. The twist is also phenomenal and I feel that it was nothing short of outstanding. Scorsese is now officially my favorite director. Raging Bull is my favorite film of all time and now all three of his films that I have seen have…