Enola Holmes ★★½

It feels like I haven’t been on Letterboxd in months, although in reality it’s probably only been a few weeks. Regardless, I am done simply logging movies and back with some reviews. I’m super behind on every single 2020 release and of course I keep prioritizing stuff like this and Dolittle over Da 5 Bloods or Trial of The a Chicago 7. I’ll be watching those soon, but might as well review some of these mediocre movies I’ve been watching. Starting with Enola Holmes, which despite some promise, winds up a flop in my eyes. 

I recently finished all 3 seasons of Stranger Things that are on Netflix, and yes I know I’m very late to the party on this one. But regardless, the one thing that has stood out to me throughout the series is the talent and acting ability of Millie Bobby Brown. Especially in the first season, where she conveys so much emotion through so few words. Anyway, this isn’t a Stranger Things review, which leads me to my point. She is probably the best part of an unspectacular movie, but the way the film uses her just doesn’t work. She does a great job with what she has, but let’s be honest, we didn’t need the fourth wall breaks. And this is coming from somebody who actually really loves breaking the fourth wall when it is used right, but it’s difficult to use and is often used excessively. It adds nothing to the quality of the movie to have her talking directly to us. In fact, it takes away from some of it. And again, I love Mille Bobby Brown and everything she does, but I think we all know how talented she is. This simply doesn’t take advantage of her in the ways I had hoped. It also doesn’t help that the mystery overall just isn’t that interesting. The cast all does a great job by the way, it’s not just Millie carrying the movie on her back. Henry Cavill especially stands out as Sherlock. Frankly, I just didn’t like a lot of the creative decisions and the story itself. I expected a movie about the little sister of Sherlock Holmes who tries to outsmart him while finding their mother would be more interesting. In the end, it’s been over a week since I’ve seen this and the only thing I remember is Mille Bobby Brown doing everything she can to save this film and the unnecessary narration and fourth wall breaks. This had a lot of potential, but it just fell flat in my eye.

Overall, Enola Holmes is a fine movie but makes some poor creative decisions that simply don’t do the film any favors, and feels as though it wastes a spectacular cast. 

Grade: C

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