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artist based in pittsburgh that's also studying cinema

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  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire


    The body blocking in this is breathtaking. There's such a focus on what the camera is shown, and when/how it's shown it. For parts of the film my mind was having a battle between thinking of certain scenes that had happened earlier and giving my full attention to the constant beauty being displayed in the moment. There were parts that I felt were strangely placed into the movie, but maybe I'm just unable to connect their importance as well as I can with the rest of the film as of right now. Regardless, such a miraculous piece of feminine & gay cinema. Lesbians.

  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood


    Once Upon A Time In Hollywood goes by so leisurely once it finally gets past the lingering shots of warmly coated set pieces and golden age nostalgia it quickly ends right when you think the plot is just kicking in.

    The charm of the cast and polarizing cinematography only do so much to keep the meandering, yet undeveloped story going in the fictional spin of real-life occurrences. Tarantino revels in the longing of old Hollywood for so long the film…

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  • The Wolf of Snow Hollow

    The Wolf of Snow Hollow


    I was loving this at first and I seriously thought it'd be my favorite watch of the year (so far), but it just began to fall apart more and more. I'll start by saying a lot of the comedy is really well done, and it mixes tones between being funny, a detective movie, and full on horror in a very energetic pace. The entire cast is great, but Jim Cummings was an especially entertaining lead to watch. The Wolf of…

  • The Haunting of Bly Manor

    The Haunting of Bly Manor


    Undeniably not as much of a tighter series than Haunting of Hill House, but there's still a lot of good in it. People have criticized it for not being as scary as Hill House, which honestly I'm fine with- in fact, the idea of hiding a gay love story within a horror show is incredible to me. The bigger issue, though, is that the scarier moments just don't hit as hard. Hill House had scares that were definitely very by-the-books,…

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  • The Perfect Human

    The Perfect Human


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Jørgen Leth is bringing these mundane tasks of these humans to our attention by saying they are perfect. These people aren't perfect, though, and throughout the film we can visibly see them slightly messing up in imperfect ways (like accidentally moving the plate slightly when serving food, or not cutting the nails properly). So this asks the question of why the narrator is telling us these people are perfect?

    For one, it could be that we are all perfect, and…

  • The Neighbors' Window

    The Neighbors' Window

    This feels like an insult to my intelligence as a viewer and to my emotions at a whole. It is so painfully obvious what this short is trying to tell you because of how violently it thrusts it's message onto the screen- the message being sometimes one upper middle class white family isn't better than another upper middle class family despite how it might seem on the outside. At the same time, though, it really has nothing to do with…